I'm not your girlfriend

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Aww, my little butthead is on handsome dogs.

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My new favorite lady. Misty Copeland. Homeless to flawless ballerina (and Prince muse).

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My grandmother’s favorite. Miss you.

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This was my saturday. Well, seeing Coriolanus with Jim (and Matt). Not Tom. But Tom was SPECTACULAR. As was Mark Gatiss. It is staged so minimally and is just—so gut-wrenching. 

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Valerie submitted: from Seventeen magazine, May 1999

Thanks, Valerie! This is a great anniversary present ;)

These are still not ugly and I still want them so badly. 

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Still one of the my favorites.

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My fantasy of being a Doctor’s companion continues. 

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My two favorite shows together. Forever. Yesssss.




I have no words that could possibly make this any better.

Oh. My. God. Yes.

That weird moment when you are reminded your roommate is tumblr famous. Oh, Gingerhaze, ALL UP IN MY FACE!

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Basically Rose and Lady Captain Jack’s engagement photo. Basically. 

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My Leela cosplay from Gallifrey One today.